FAQ - Interesting facts about our Leonidas chocolates

How long can Leonidas chocolates be kept?

The assortment includes many different chocolates. Most of these chocolates usually have a freshness guarantee of about 12 weeks. Other pralines such as our Manon Blanc or Manon Cafe Blanc can be kept for up to 6 weeks due to the fresh butter they contain. The fresh butter also provides the incomparable taste of this melt-in-the-mouth praline. There is a label on each box/box packed by hand….

How are pralines and chocolates stored optimally?

The quality of chocolate articles is essentially influenced by odor, light and, above all, temperature fluctuations. If pralines or chocolates are stored too warm or too cold for a long time, the cocoa butter leaks out and leaves a gray haze on the product. This alone does not mean a loss of quality, but it looks unsightly. We therefore recommend a cool and dry storage at about 14 °-18 ° C. However, the chocolates should not be stored in the refrigerator, otherwise they could also absorb the taste of other foods and get a gray haze, but this does not affect the pleasure but the appearance!

Is there a shipping discount if I order multiple items?

You pay once 5,90 € no matter how many items you order. However, this must be a delivery address.
From an order quantity of 39€ we completely take over all domestic shipping costs for you. The delivery will be made by DHL.

How are the chocolates packed and shipped?

All Leonidas pralines are packed by hand – in an original Leonidas gold ballotin and a decorative satin fabric ribbon!
The sizes 500g, 750g, and 1.000g are additionally (scale prices excepted) wrapped in a protective thermo-protective box (depending on the season)
and shipped with gel cooling pads at appropriate temperatures for a small extra charge.

What do I do in case of a damaged delivery?

We make every effort to deliver the goods safely packed in the shortest way. Nevertheless, damage can occur during transport. In this case, please note that complaints such as damage, shortages or breakage will only be considered if you have informed us immediately, but no later than 24 hours after receipt of the shipment. For this we need appropriate picture proofs which you send to us for a complaint with the shipping service provider.
After that, the shipment is considered free of complaints!

What do I do if I have problems logging in?

Please check your email address and password for correct spelling. If your email address is not recognized, you are not registered yet.
If you cannot remember your password, use the “Forgot password” function.

Can I choose where the goods are delivered?

You have the possibility to choose an alternative delivery address, if you yourself should not be at home during the day and prefer to have the goods sent to your workplace. Or you can send the goods directly as a gift to an alternative delivery address! If necessary, inform the recipient that a package is on its way.

Do you deliver to packing stations as well?

Since we guarantee the freshness and especially in the warmer seasons are high temperatures,
we ship year-round and exclusively to home addresses and do not accept orders for delivery to packing stations.

Is the retail trade supplied as well?

Sales to resellers are excluded. We supply exclusively to wholesalers and end users. Larger orders for your company (as customer gifts, for example) we will of course be happy to handle for you. Simply get in touch with us by phone or e-mail or by using the contact form.