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Ballotins are exquisitely beautiful boxes of chocolates that perfectly showcase your selection of chocolates. Ballotins have a long tradition. The elegant gift boxes were invented in 1915 by Louise Agostini, wife of a famous Belgian chocolatier. In it, she presented her husband’s chocolates like high-value pieces of jewelry 

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Jeder Anlass ein besonderer Glücksmoment

Royal purveyor

Leonidas is one of the most traditional chocolate manufacturers in Belgium and is still the official purveyor to the court of the Belgian royal family.

Best Belgian quality

Leonidas pralines are made with absolutely fresh ingredients of the highest quality. for the real and original Belgian chocolate 100% cocoa butter is used.


Leonidas only uses sustainable cocoa for the production of its chocolates and pays attention to sustainable conditions in production and logistics.

Palm oil

In our pralines and truffles and chocolate creations you will not find the slightest drop of palm oil. That's what we call quality you can taste.

Our greatest happiness:
satisfied customers!

Because it's the inner values that count

Leaf vanilla
Irrésistable strawberry rhubarb
pearl pistachio
pearl rasberry
Manon white Café
Noisette Masquée whole milk
Tutti Frutti
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Eve banana
Manon white
Eve vanilla
Eve banana
Eve vanilla
Manon white

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